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Banff, Alberta, is one of the fascinating getaway spots in Canada. From tranquil lakes to inviting hiking trails to towering mountains to the infectious energy of the people and the vibrant culture of the village, there is a lot to see and enjoy in Banff. White water rafting would, however, be the high point of your visit. The charm exuded by the untamed, free-flowing rivers is simply irresistible. And there is no better company to take you on the adventure of your life than White Wolf Rafting Inc. Give us a call today to schedule affordable white water rafting in Banff.

Is white water rafting dangerous?

White water rafting appears to have some bad rap for being a dangerous adventure. While there is no arguing there is an element of danger in white water rafting, it is worthy of note that all similarly exhilarating activities have comparable risks; talk about skiing, sky-diving, rock-climbing, zip-lining and what have you. Here are a few of the common accidents associated with white water rafting:

Drowning: As with any water activity, there is a risk of drowning when on a white water rafting adventure. Although unlikely, rafts can flip over and throw people into the water. To keep you afloat and safe, you’ll be wearing PFD, but that may not suffice in extreme weather conditions. Our affordable white water rafting in Banff tour guides ensure the weather conditions is adequately monitored before proceeding on any white water rafting adventure.

Overexertion: Some of the deaths that occur during white water rafting is a result of heart attacks arriving from poor health and overexertion. It is vital to keep yourself in shape as much as possible before booking a session of affordable white water rafting in Banff. Even at that, you should select a difficulty level that you’re sure you can easily cope with.

Smashing into rocks: White water rafters can suffer injuries or, in extreme cases, die from crashing into rocks while still in the raft. This is unlikely to happen in the presence of experienced guides like the ones at White Wolf Rafting Inc. Our guides know the waters like the back of their hand, and they are quite familiar with the safe zones.

Getting stuck in river features: Swimmers can get in river features such as holes and strainers or get pinned to rocks. Survival could be slightly tricky if such a swimmer does not receive help on time.

As mentioned earlier, affordable white water rafting in Banff is an exhilarating but relatively safe adventure option for tourists and natives alike. The dangers highlighted above can be prevented by proper planning and paying adequate attention to safety, at least to a large extent. Every year, millions of people enjoy white water rafting without incident. Booking with White Wolf Rafting Inc. is your ticket to being one of them.

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For the past three decades, the White Wolf family has been in charge of the most reputable sled dog touring company in the whole of Bow Valley. We take enormous pride in guiding and instructing backcountry tours and giving them the best and most affordable white water rafting experience in Banff. Our top of the line equipment is of the best quality, and they are regularly tested and inspected. Contact us today for the best touring experience in Banff.

affordable white water rafting Banff