There is plenty of awareness of what one ought to look for when choosing a white water rafting company in Banff. Some red flags should be enough for you to consider another company. The slowness and the clumsiness of the guide guarantee that you will have the same potential hazards during the trip.

Dangerous white water rafting habits


The cowboy days had a different and loose safety principle. The rafters stated that one was not doing proper rafting unless they are hungover. They braved the routes with a drunken haze only because they knew and understood the accurate geography precision. 

Caution is essential because any form of drugs have an impact on your nerve system. Drinking lowers your body’s response speed and mental logic and reason. Drinking yourself blind is more hazardous because it predisposes you to the forces of water and unexpected obstacles.

Lacking equipment

Bow River's currents are too powerful for one to float without the proper gear. A top swimmer needs as many tools as an amateur because swimming dynamics are different than those of a pool.  

Poor attention

Lacking attention in rougher conditions could take you by surprise. The Banff whitewater rafting Bow River team will not be able to avoid obstacles and hazards if you do not chip in by shifting the paddle and your body weight in the right direction. The following things can cost you the boat’s stability:

  • Attempting to get a tan on unsafe waters
  • Taking pictures and videos as the team battles the water
  • Snacking or drinking while paddling

Poor knowledge of Bow River

Trusting your source’s claims of his forty-year career in rafting is not enough for you to let your guard down. This principle applies to the most revered touring companies who have a long history of navigating the river. Conduct your research to verify the guide’s tips on problematic areas, touristic spots, difficulty level, and seasonal flow. 

Bad attitude

Any situation can get worse when one injects a sour mood. Changing weather is a common trigger for most people. The big misconception about the weather is that it is a bad thing when it rains or snows. Bad weather is a natural part of life that we have to maneuver through and accommodate. 

The best way of combating the unexpected weather problems is by checking the local forecast before booking the day’s trip. Alternatively, keep a positive attitude when the weather gets too cold or hot for your liking. This state will keep you happy and make for an eventful and rare rafting trip. 

Failing to ask for help

The guide’s job is to assist throughout the day. A professional guide has first aid kits to treat injuries and ailments and raise the comfort of the group.

Ask for help when you help to make adjustments to the gear or using the raft’s features. We can help you choose the best size of gloves, vests, and helmets, so you have an easy Banff whitewater rafting in Bow River.


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