There are many factors to consider when selecting a water rafting company. The choice can turn your experience into an unforgettable memory or a nightmare you never wish to revisit. One has to choose a firm that will guarantee safety, fun, a manageable challenge, and reasonable pricing.

What to look for when picking a rafting agency


White Wolf Rafting is a family run business that has three decades of involvement in-country tours. The rafting guides have experience of working on rafting tours all over the world. 

It is important for you to pick a firm that has experience in rafting the river of your choice. This requirement will ensure you do not experience safety hazards on some dangerous spots along the river. The best Canadian Rockies rafting company in Canmore will have extensive knowledge about the rivers, scenery, and weather, to heighten the clients’ safety and fun.


It is only fun to undertake a rafting trip when you have an assurance of the safety of your friends and family, as well as yourself. The firm should have all the proper equipment, such as helmets, life vests, and instructions. They should help beginners learn about the different rafting techniques and help them understand what happens when the water ejects them from the canoe. 

The upside of choosing White Wolf Rafting Tours is that we have knowledge about all the possible dangers of every corner on rivers in Alberta and beyond. We understand how each person’s level of rafting will help them during emergencies, and create solutions that will mitigate the dangers efficiently. 

Choice of river and adventures

Each river has its own specific dangers and beauty. You want to ensure that the rafters understand which experience you seek while helping you select a suitable route. Beginners tend to prefer less wavy rivers while experienced rafters hunt for adrenaline-filled river flows. 

A proper rafting company will bring up the points even when you do not know about their various rafting routes. It is conducive for you to choose a rafting firm that offers more than just rafting activities if you or your group like diversity. Our firm has the following rafting routes and adventures:

  • A floating adventure on the Bow River
  • An adventure on Kananaskis River
  • An adventure on Horseshoe Canyon 


A proper rafting company will stand out among locals and tourists. Our business has roots that began with our grandfather’s love for nature, people and conservation of the ecological system. White Wolf Tours is one of the few Canadian Rockies rafting company in Canmore that understands and honors the beauty of conservative tourism. This quality earns us a respectable name among the locals who understand the family’s lineage, and tourists who recognize and appreciate the work ethic.


A rafting experience should not cost as much as a cruise across the ocean. It should, however, cost enough to cover all the following basic services:

  • Photography
  • Transportation
  • Snacks and drinks
  • The company’s sticker
  • A drawstring bag

We have three pricing packages, for the three different rafting routes and adventures. Check out the page for in-depth details and call our office for clarification or bookings.


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