White water rafting is no longer a primary activity for hardcore mountain and forest people. This mainstream activity is rampant among family members who enjoy collective outdoor fun. The following tips will make for a safe family-friendly white rafting in Canmore AB without making everyone anxious and stiff throughout the trip.

Whitewater rafting safety tips

Find a licensed outfitter

A certified outfitter will have enough experience and possible serial ownership. Alternatively, the owners may have connections to people or family members in the same field of work. Picking a professional outfitter is an easy way of ensuring no one’s gears snap out of place during high-intensity paddling.

Wearing gears

Wearing the gears is not enough if you do not fasten the belts as required. The jacket must fit the wearer as snag as possible and leave enough room to maneuver the paddle. 

A helmet is essential, no matter the difficulty of the raft. It makes good sense to ensure the little ones have helmets even for the Grade 1 river float adventure at Bow River.

Holding the paddle

The paddle must have the correct posture to ensure the highest safety of the person and the team. The guide will explain that one hand should be at the base of the shaft while the other is at the other end of the shaft. The T grip should be under your hand because it is hard enough to cause physical harm when it slips and knocks someone.

Stay in the boat

Pay attention to the direction of the boat and watch out for rocks splashing around with the water. Do not jump out when you see an obstacle in the near distance. White Wolf’s guides are fast and experienced enough to know how to paddle or instruct the rafting team. 

Despite the professionals, rough tides may dislodge rocks and send them along the raft’s path. Stay in your seat by following the guide’s instructions and stay in the boat to continue paddling immediately after. 

Often, people who fall out the raft will jump back in as soon as they can. Panicking will prevent you from making a quick escape from the waters and harden the project’s rescue mission. 

Learn techniques

Some rafting packages require minimal swimming skills. Do not attempt booking one if you do not meet the listed requirement. 

Learn and ask about the best swimming techniques if you plan to jump in the water or off the cliff. Do not stop swimming until you get out of the river or have a guide come to rescue. Standing up in moving current will destabilize you and cause possible foot entrapment at the river’s floor. 

Listen to the guide

The guide may brief you on a few essential phrases for the best family-friendly white water rafting in Canmore AB. High siding is the last effort call to keep the boat upright. You need to throw your body’s weight to the lower part of the raft and go in the direction of the flow to support the vessel. Keeping calm during fast turns and encounters will help you remember the commands to execute them with a quickness.



Family-friendly White Water Rafting Canmore Ab