The Bow River has a surrounding of shale cliff all along its drift through the Horseshoe Canyon. The calm atmosphere is free of city distractions and has large prey birds soaring for a kill. Plenty of Hollywood movies have their geological setting in the Canyon because of the intense natural beauty. 

Preparing for Horseshoe Canyon rafting at Canmore AB

The guides have enough conversational skills to get the youngest twelve-year-old or introverted adult out of a shell of fear. A typical preparation process involves handing out gears and gathering around for rescue instructions and safety precautions. 

The guide may break a large group into smaller ones to ease the training session. You also practice forward paddle and backward paddles to help you lean into the practice. 

The rafting experience

You will experience the first rapid of a level four at the first bend. The trainer may prompt you to lean in and paddle forward to get through the force. You will no longer be nervous after the first rapid, nor will you be dry. The feeling of lightness and confidence makes you enthralled to undertake the next rapid with confidence and eagerness.

The cliff jump

Horseshow Canyon rafting in Canmore AB will require the use of belts that can withstand level four tides. The heavy-duty utilities are excellent for cliff jumping. You can choose the medium of cliff jump if you do not jump into the flowing river from higher jumps. You do not have to jump because the activity is optional. The water is warm during certain seasons, hence conducive for one with sensitivity to cold.


The calm stretch of the river allows you to soak in enough beauty of the Canadian Rockies. A versed guide will point out spots of movie shoots like Legends of the Fall and The Revenant during the cruise. Calm waters allow you to interact with the Chinook rafts and splash water on one another.

You may learn about the cause of the water’s blue-green color and a bit of the region’s history. Carlin and Jereme are Canmore natives who will give you firsthand information about all activities in the area. They are the third generation of a family that has successful involvement with the areas’ tourism. 


White Wolf Touring packages snacks and a drink for you to enjoy after the paddle. The group may enjoy viewing and sharing digital photos of the experience. 

The rafting experience is an excellent time to break the ice among strangers or colleagues. You get to share a collective moment of joy, and that will smooth over misunderstandings from mundane living.

Why should you work with White Wolf?

The company offers affordable discounted rates for all participants who are twelve years or older. The Horseshoe Canyon rafting in Canmore AB costs $110 plus tax. The amount covers all the services listed above, and transportation to and from the following pick up points:

  • Banff Caribou Lodge
  • Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets
  • Mount Royal Hotel




Horseshoe Canyon Rafting Canmore Ab