Whitewater rafting has class rates that describe the technicality and size of the whitewater. Many people prefer a moderate level, to experience both manageable adrenaline rush and fun. The classification system became rampant after rating the many rapids observed in the Grand Canyon.

Some rivers use a more traditional rating system that began operating before the introduction of the international scale. Most rivers use a level 1 to 5, or class I to V system that identifies with most rivers.

You do not need to know the class of the river before booking a trip. Learning the details may, however, ease your consultation call with the Horseshoe Canyon white water rafting booking company. 

Classes of river rapids

Level 1

This class has small waves of moving water. It is a perfect condition for one to relax in the boat while enjoying gentle tugs. Our Bow River Float Adventure has a pleasant break between rapids to keep you calm throughout the journey. 

Level 2

This class has easy rapids and waves of up to three feet in height. You may notice wider channels along your route of adventure and employ a bit of maneuver to rock and roll with the waves. 

Level 3

The waves are four feet high and have narrow passages that rock the boat and send the water gushing to the sides. It is a satisfying level of excitement for one who does not want extreme knocks and rolls. 

Level 4

The level has long, challenging rapids and turbulent narrow passages that require precise maneuverability. The adventure will race your heart and give you a good workout session.

Level 5

The river has large gushing rapids that twist and spin with minimal predictability. 

Level 6

The extreme waterfalls and rivers are what we see in extreme kayak videos and high-intensity water rafting Olympics. These raft trips are not recommendable for regular people who do not have enough experience with high tides and powerful waves. 

Can one do big rapids as a beginner?

A good rafting company matches the size of the boat with the level of the ride and the number of rafters. A river with moderate rapids will incur the use of inflatable boats and paddles to let the more adventurous person enjoy the trill. A conservative lot can grip onto ropes on powered rafts and get a more intense ride. 

It is possible to enjoy higher levels of tides by making an educated selection of your position on the boat and the intensity of the river. Following the guider’s instruction will make the ride less frightening and more enjoyable.  

Why is the Horseshoe Canyon white water rafting the best choice?

This rafting route has a difficulty level of between three and four. It is 6km long and lasts approximately three to four hours. You will spend a maximum of two hours on the river enjoying magnificent views and meeting unexpected high rapids.

The river is excellent because it has irregular spots of low tides that let you relax and soak in the atmosphere. White Wolf requires participants to have fundamental swimming skills for two thrilling rock jumps. Contact us for a booking of any number of people and enjoy the professionalism and fun of the team.



Horseshoe Canyon White Water Rafting