The Kananaskis River is a mountain river that flows in the western part of Alberta, Canada. It is a stream of the Bow River got its name in 1858 from John Palliser. The lower part of the river is a popular choice for whitewater rafters because the water passes through a controlled dam. The upper part has low water levels and inconvenient sweepers and snags. 

White Wolf and other traveling agencies have information on the river’s flow rates and release times; hence you can get reliable data before starting a trip. The Kananaskis River is host to the Kananaskis Whitewater Festival, which happens in August. The river attracts both expert and beginning water athletes who enjoy a fun-filled weekend of an array of sports.


The river is perfect for a safe family trip or a group outing because of the low river class of level two to three. The difficulty level is ideal for an introduction to rafting and gives ample space for one to absorb the beauty of the vicinity. The river’s strategic location and forty-five-minute drive from Calgary make it easily reachable.


The Kananaskis river rafting in Canmore Alberta has a high mountain setting that hides thick evergreen growth at the foothill. Profuse growth of wildflowers is present in late June and the start of July. The abundant plants feed a multitude of wildlife, including these visible ones:

  • Elk
  • Bears
  • White-tailed deer
  • Harlequin duck


Kananaskis river rafting in Canmore Alberta is standard in summer and fall, which are between May and October.

What should you carry for the rafting trip?

Binoculars and camera

Carrying one of these gadgets gives you a birds-eye view of the most beautiful details of the scenery. The camera will not be in use during a high-intensity paddling duration. Furthermore, our team has a USB camera that will snap photos of your team. You may, however, carry a waterproof camera to take pictures and videos while relaxing.

Fishing rod

Talk to us about the possibility of fishing in your chosen rafting trip. You may want to fish for sport or enjoy glimpses of river fish in clear waters. 


The river’s water may not be conducive for quenching your thirst when you do not have a history of drinking unfiltered water. Rafting during summer will dehydrate you; hence, it is crucial to have an ample amount of water before leaving or after the exercise. 


It is needless to say the sun’s rays will be harmful to the skin in the same amount as it is dehydrating. Rafting in summer requires the same level of caution as vacationing at the beach. The four-hour rafting session may not be enough for one to apply sunblock. It is, therefore, prudent to complete the preparation step before we pick you from the station. 

Another form of sunblock is a good pair of sunglasses. You should, however, remember that they can fall into the water; hence you can use a string to suspend them on your neck.




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