Most people are not aware that water rafting has a long history in the USA of about two centuries. The tales of navigating the swift rivers stems from the days when Native Americans utilized tributaries throughout the land.

They devised crafty wooden rafts to access waters while hunting fish and getting to areas with abundant wildlife. They passed the skills down generations of native Americans and eventually, European Americans and other people navigating through the North West. Learning the rich history of river rafting in Canmore AB is an excellent way of creating remarkable experiences and enriching your training session with White Wolf Rafting Tours. 

History of river rafting

Earlier productions

The earliest record of rafting dates back to 1811, on the Snake River. The natives canceled the rafting experience due to a lack of tools, expertise, and training. They also coined the river as Mad River, because it was too dangerous to navigate. 

The first rubber raft was created in 1840 to attempt surveying the Rocky Mountains along the Snake River. The rough waters were too harsh for the raft and eventually damaged its parts.

The reintroduction of the military raft in 1940 saw the start of a new wave of rafts. Manufacturers redesigned the original model and made recreational rafts for trips in various rivers in the North West.

Use of the rafts

Social use

J.D Rockefeller started a resort on Snake River in the 1950s and introduced the 8’ X 27’ rubber raft. The resort organized float trips that carried an average of 500 people.

Commercial use

The demand increased with continued success and eventually triggered the start of commercial rafts in the 60s and 70s. Private firms realized the potential of whitewater rafting and set up companies like Becker-Cooke Expeditions and Slickrock Adventures. 

Water rafting gained popularity in the 1900s with its introduction to the Olympics. The first rafting sport happened in the Munich Olympic Games in 1972. The subsequent inclusions in the 1996 Atlanta Games and 1992 Barcelona Games added to the credibility and triggered a rapid growth of the sport in later years of the 90s. 

Today’s river rafting in Canmore AB

Water rafting remains to be an enthralling activity in today’s society. The increasing popularity is due to improved technology. Drastic improvement of the gears, water draining features, and material has improved the safety and fun of the sport. 

The pioneers use technology that increases flotation and keeps the boat light as it drifts through the river. The addition of safety gear like helmets and jackets makes the activity safe for a broader range of participants. The improved technology has also increased the number of people who can enjoy the sport tremendously up to hundreds of thousands each year. 

Why chose river rafting in Canmore AB?

Our rafting team understands every corner and depth difference throughout the river. The Bow River has powerful rapid motions that take you on an adventurous ride and drop you in colorful blue waters surrounded by lush green trees. The sounds and views of the areas make the experience unforgettable if you choose a touring agency that matches a good adrenaline jump with high safety scores.


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