White water rafting has an odd reputation among newbies. Rafting on wild rivers is intimidating to beginners who make the mistake of listening to naysayers. Speaking to a leading company to dispel the myths surrounding the sport is an excellent way of having fun while water rafting at Canmore AB.

Myths about water rafting

River rafting is for adrenaline lovers

There is no question that the sport is appealing to people who love thrills and spills. The truth is that water rafting stirs more than just adrenaline.

The time spent in rapid water waves and intense paddling is minuscule in comparison to the time spent in the water. The experience of water rafting involves anticipating the trip, getting off to the water, and sharing a rapid excitement that makes interesting subsequent stories.

The inclusion of all ages of rafters is evidence that rafters understand the safety of water rafting in Canmore AB. A single trip will give you unique moments of pleasure in enjoying the scenery, wildlife, and time spent creating strong bonds. 

It is recommendable for expert swimmers

The safety gears have a design that aims to keep you afloat by letting you float while facing upwards. White Wolf Rafting Tours has professionally guided trips that cater to everyone’s status. The guides have a detailed safety talk that shows you how to have a proper swim in rapid waters. 

Rivers are running dry

The Western US and certain parts of Canada have their fair share of the encroaching drought season. Many parts receive water from melted snow during the spring and summer seasons. It is essential to remember that the snowpack may flow to a different part of the region each year.

It is, however, impossible not to water raft due to the complete dryness of rivers. The water management team of the region may collect water at regular intervals throughout the year for power generation, and release them during summer. 

River rafting is an American sport

Rafting has its roots in the American West. It has gained significant exportation to other parts of the world and is now one of the most beautiful wilderness sports in Canada. It is recommendable for one to start rafting with a touring group that utilizes local guides. The setup boosts the local economy and helps you learn a lot in the comfort of your country’s backyard. 

Rafters are from the same cloth

It is easy to assume that every tour guide will be a funny bearded hulk with a cracked sense of humor and canny business skills. This setup may only be real for a select group.

White Wolf Rafters has more than the physical strength required to steer forth a group of rafters. Growing up in the region gives us a natural adaptation to Alberta’s waters and a first-hand witness to the changing landscape and weather.

Our business skills have a strong bias towards ensuring the client is satisfied with our services. It is unorthodox for us to push a sales pitch that does not guarantee safety, fun,, and a desire to re-book the trip.  


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