White water rafting is one of the few most intense water sports. The concept of hurtling a river in a rubber boat while evading whirlpools and hitting rocks and possibly falling waterfalls is not the average river floating experience.

What is white water rafting?

This sport has intense adrenaline and mixes the thrill of danger with a camaraderie of a war film. You get to battle through the water with equally confident individuals or petrified tourists who do their best to handle what nature throws. 

The nature of white water rafting is suitable for group settings. It is, therefore, essential for youth groups, team building, and gaggles of people who enjoy communal sports. You also get to experience the epic and stunning scenery at alternating high and rafting speeds. The rubber boat is a perfect way of getting close to places and wildlife that are almost impossible to reach by other vessels.

Important rafting tools


Whitewater rafts are a combination of high-quality art materials and engineering. The boat uses neoprene, denier nylon, and Hypalon to manage the water’s dynamics with excellent maneuverability. Our white water rafts are expert designs by manufacturers who pass them through heavy testing before placing them in the market.


Earlier rafts included buckets to get rid of water that comes on board as the boat punches through the river. Today’s rafts have a self-bailing mechanism that draws out water and improves the chances of staying afloat. 

Reasons to book whitewater rafting in Canmore Alberta

Small crowds

Few people will hit the river as a way of enjoying their holiday. Most people consider booking a stay next to an ocean’s beach or spending a few days in the woods. It is much easier to enjoy a silent and refreshing rafting trip in Canmore. The frequency of riverside tourism makes the hotels room more affordable than oceanfront accommodation.

Great air and weather

A river rafting experience is an excellent way of changing the quality of the air you breathe. Currently, the air quality index of New York is 24, and Beijing’s index is at approximately 119. The most-touristy places in the world, Thailand, can have an index of at least 170 in most days. 

River rafting is perfect if you need a break dealing with the environment. Planning a trip in spring means you get a sunny disposition, vitamin D, a good tan, and fresh air that revitalizes your entire body and mind system. 

Stunning views

A whitewater rafting tour is excellent for enjoying nature’s beauty. You can indulge in the vibrant color of flowers, leaves, and animals while the water is slow. Ask the rafter about the perfect time to view most wildlife and plants to maximize your trip 

Social refreshment

One raft can carry five to seven people. It is an excellent way of meeting people while revitalizing your energy. It is almost impossible not to make friends because you will have an excited demeanor and mandatory conversation while coordinating the boat. White Wolf Rafting Tours is a locally based agency that will make you comfortable and confident enough to enjoy the trip. Talk to us for additional specifics of your whitewater rafting in Canmore Alberta.





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