Have you thought of rafting as a roller coaster? You get to sit at the front row seat and endure a wave’s splash on your face. You have the best view and experience by sitting the front of the boat. A rafting ticket may be the solution to a nagging need to feel an adrenaline rush and refresh your mind and body. 

The only grey area is that most people assume white water rafting is the same as river rafting. They interchange the names while researching and making appointments of whitewater rafting tours in Banff. 

White water rafting tours

White water rafting happens on the water with varying degrees of roughness. The leisure sport aims to stir thrill and excitement in tourists and has become a popular West sport since the mid-70s. 

Unique white water features

  • An increasing river gradient is enough to disrupt the laminar flow and cause excess turbulence. The results are bubbles, aerated and unstable currents, and water that appears white.
  • A river flow that passes through narrow channels
  • Obstructions of the stream by boulders and ledges
  • Increase inflow due to melted and excess rain
  • White water rafting is only possible on rivers with a difficulty of at least level three

White rafting adventures vary in several ways. You can choose between a paddleboat and a paddle assist in specifying your preferred rafting experience. 


The guide sits at the back of the boat and acts as a rudder while the group paddles hard. The advantage of a paddleboat is that it can be excitingly fast when all seven or more of the rafters put in the effort. This option is also convenient for maneuvering through rivers with high difficulty levels of up to levels IV to V.

Paddle assist boats

The guide sits at the center of or back of the boat and helps at least four members of the group paddle the boat. The lot that paddles sit on the outside of the boat and place their feet firmly at the bottom of the vessel. 

The rest of the group is free to hold on and watch the unfolding of the rapids. They can sit on the inflated seats at the center of the raft, also known as a thwart. The guide will help you learn which practices are acceptable while during this mix of actions. They may increase the safety of the team by rigging extra straps and arranging the group per the most functional sitting setup.

River rafting in Banff

River rafting is the right choice when you want a calm escape. It harmonizes your eyes with nature because the waters move slowly enough for you to take in the environment. The average difficulty level of river rafting falls below level three. 

Do you have a guarantee of white water rafting?

Unfortunately, the water levels of whitewater rafting tours in Banff can change levels at any moment. Consequentially, the guide will adjust the rafting plan to ensure the safety of the group. We will only provide notifications when the changes are timely enough for us to make contact. It is, however, a guarantee that you will have a good time on any of the alternative paths.

whitewater rafting tours Banff